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About Us

Who We Are

groupsales.com specializes in bringing entertainment and retail offers to corporations and employee clubs across Canada. For the past 10 years, groupsales.com has been servicing businesses (both large and small) and has built its reputation on a commitment to customer service. We are dedicated to being your One-Stop-Shop for corporate rewards, entertainment bulk and group ticket programs.

What We Do

The best managed companies today have implemented employee ticket programs and/or employee social clubs for their employees. With every successful ticket program/club it is important to dedicate the necessary time and bring programs that your employees desire. groupsales.com recognizes the extra time involved in the entire process and brings you great prices to some of the best entertainment and retail offers in Alberta - in an easy, more efficient fashion. The savings are incredible, you save valuable time dealing with one dedicated account representative for all your company reward, incentive and social club ticket purchases.

groupsales.com also offers great solutions for companies who want to reward employees on commitment/safety programs, provide incentives to employees, and improve relations with vendors and clients. Our entertainment and retail options are a perfect tool to help fit your needs.

Benefits To Your Company

Companies who have implemented programs such as these have seen a significant increase in the bottom line. Here are some of benefits:

Increase Employee Satisfaction - employees see the savings potential as perks and some of our customers use these programs to reward employees on safety and commitment.

Save Time and Money - Save valuable time and deal with one group sales contact for all your group and ticket requirements.

Build Employee Retention - Happy employees stay and extra programs such as these play a vital role in retaining good talent.

Help Build your Company Culture - An effective employee program displays your commitment to your most valuable assets...your employees.

Want more information? Please e-mail us at sales@groupsales.com or contact us at 780-416-7744.

We appreciate your support of an Alberta business!