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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a group or bulk purchase?
Generally, a group consists of 20-50 or more tickets purchased to a specific event. However, this will depend on each entertainment event polciy. Check your event pages for group minimums and prices.
How do I obtain more information on the events I wish to book?
After checking the information page of your selected event, you can download the information using the print info ticket button at the bottom of that page. You can also email us at sales@groupsales.com or call use at 780-416-7744.
How do I book a group?
Print on an order form from each products page, fill it out, and fax or mail it in. You can also call 780-416-7744 to book over the phone.
How do I have groupsales.com represent my event?
groupsales.com reperesents the best in group entertainment and as such will consider each event on an individual basis. If you have an entertainment event and wish for it to join our menu please call 780-416-7744
How can I receive updates as groupsales.com adds to its menu of events?
Email us at sales@groupsales.com and we'll add you to our notification list.
How do I receive my tickets once I have booked my group?
Delivery of your group tickets will be arranged at the time of the order. If you are unclear on the status of your order please call 780-416-7744. All orders are subject to a handling fee to be processed by groupsales.com
What form of payment does groupsales.com accept?
Visa, MasterCard, and Cheque.