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Landmark Cinemas Movie Tickets

Landmark Cinemas Admit One

$10.50 / Ticket (Including GST.) Regular Price up to $12.99

Landmark Cinemas Child Night Out

Kids up to 13 years, 1 admission and 1 child's concession combo.
$14.00 / Ticket (Including GST.) Regular Price up to $15.75

Landmark Cinemas Night Out

2 Adult Admissions, 2 Regular Drinks, 2 Regular Popcorn
$33.00 / Ticket (Including GST.) Regular Price up to $46.00

Tickets are good for a minimum of two years! Prices May Change Without Notice!
All Prices include tax and service charges.

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A processing fee of $15.00 will be applied to all orders. No refunds or exchanges.
*Not valid at Imax® Digitally Re-mastered Presentations, VIP Room admission or non feature film presentation. Movie distributor reserves right to limit or change policy at anytime without notice. Resale of these tickets for profit is prohibited.Subject to expiry dates that will not be extended and terms reverse of ticket at all times.